The Road Users Alliance claims that some 5 billion people ride on roads around the world and at any given point of time there are hundreds of drivers squeezing up to and using road user areas, cutting off other road users and causing accidents that result in serious road injuries and sometimes death.

RUA wants to bring awareness to these drivers and highlight the dangers of driving aggressively and ignoring road user rights.

RUA conducts seminars and conducts campaigns on road safety to prevent road rash and road accidents. It also helps road users to find out about the legal rights available to them to deal with aggressive driving.

RUA monitors road accidents and road rash to ensure that adequate measures are taken to minimize the incidence of such unfortunate events on the road.

Teaching Children About Road Safety

Most parents, concerned for the safety of their children, have looked for ways that can contribute to road safety for kids. Being the owner of a car myself, I understand the need to be responsible, especially with the young people who I take on trips with. As a parent, one of the things I am most concerned about is the safety of my child and others. I want them to be able to follow simple directions, not getting lost or endangering themselves by being distracted. It’s important to keep them safe.

Even though there are so many distractions when you take your kids on a trip, there are basic road safety tips that you can put into practice that will keep them safe. Kids need to learn how to stay safe as well. Being able to focus while they are driving could possibly prevent them from having an accident. Some of these basic road safety tips include:

When crossing roads, always look both ways before stepping out into the roadway. Children need to be taught that crossing the street means that they should always cross in the middle of the road. Always be alert for pedestrians and vehicles that are in the area as well. They might not always be aware of kids crossing the road, so it’s important to watch them.

Safety Gear For Your Kid Bicycles

There are various accessories and bike safety gear for kids that are available in the market. Most of the accessories provide additional safety and security to your children while they play. These accessories include bike helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, shoulder pads, gloves and goggles. It is advisable for kids skaters, bike riders, rollerblades and others to wear these bike safety gear while playing in the rink or in their respective outdoor activities. It not only provides safety to your kids but also makes them feel comfortable while wearing it.

The flag is one of the most important bike safety gear for kids. Kids should be trained on how to fly the flag for their bikes. In the absence of a flag, it can attract many accidents especially when there are large groups of people on the road.

Bikes and two-wheelers are more prone to accidents as compared to cars because there are no rear mirrors on the bicycles and automobiles cannot see what is behind or nearby.

Children should be trained on how to ride the flag properly before they go out cycling on the road. Proper training on bike safety gear and proper handling of the flag will avoid many cycling accidents and unnecessary casualties. Children should practice how to fly the flag in the winter season and they can also learn how to wave the flag when riding a bicycle or motorbike.

This will surely help them to avoid unnecessary accidents and casualties. One of the best bicycle safety gears for kids is a pair of vented knee and elbow pads.

Car Emergency Kit You Should Have On Hand

The easiest way to prepare for a car emergency is to have an emergency kit on your car. You want it to be big enough to hold all your personal belongings, but small enough to fit in your trunk. Most kits will contain items that will be very helpful to you in an emergency situation.

A car emergency kit should also contain a flashlight with working batteries, duct tape, pain killer, a spare blanket or sleeping bag, duct tape, a flashlight with working batteries, duct tape, and safety goggles. The flashlight is an absolute must. Even if you just need to see a little further into the woods to get rid of snakes, bugs, or other creepy crawlies, a flashlight is a must. You may not need to use it for long, so make sure it’s fully charged. You should also bring along a can of compressed air.

Another item in an emergency car kit should be a can of gas. If you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere, you may end up using your own fuel to power your car until help arrives. Be careful not to blow out the back tire on a rocky road or you could get stuck in the mud. Other items in an emergency car kit that you may want to consider bringing with you are a portable stove or camp stove, a can of bear pepper, and some rope.