Selling a used car by yourself is more advantageous than getting a car dealer to do it for you.

However, in order to trade your car in the most favourable manner, you need to go behind some tricks and techniques.

In this article, you will learn more about various tips on how to sell a used car, in a smart fashion.

1. Proper Research

The principal and the most significant step before you say I want to sell my car, is to do your homework and do research on various similar cars that are valued at and selling at.
You can easily find the value of the car online on various sites that offer this facility. Besides this, you can also search for various newspapers and find those cars that have the similar price value like you car.

2. Get your car a mechanic’s check

Bring your car to a skilled mechanic and get its condition mentioned on a paper. This is a very valuable technique as far as impressing your prospective buyers is concerned.

3. Visit a body detailer

In order to get the best cash for cars, get your car body detailed. A freshly detailed car looks neat and impressive. Looking great and smelling nice are the two keys of attracting your potential customers.

4. Advertise your car

One of the most impressive tip to sell your car is, to advertise it. This shouldn’t just be done by putting a sign to your car’s window. Spending a few dollars on the advertisement of your car in a local newspaper or internet isnt a bad option at all. The more perspective buyers you get for your car, the better are the chances for you to fill your pocket with the dollars.

5. Being negotiable is always better

The next tip is to be negotiable. It is better to set the price of your car by keeping a little scope for negotiation. The more negotiable you are, the better the chances of your buyer walking away.

Once your deal is finalized, it is always better to accept the cash, a cashier’s check or money order as a payment for the car. It can be risky to take a personal check from the person, until and unless you know him/ her. Also note that in many states, the seller needs to contact the motor vehicle department in order to inform the transfer of ownership. In this case, it is the responsibility of the buyer to get the registration of the vehicle changed.

Besides this, it is also important to notify the insurance company immediately after your car is sold. This is in order to notify your insurance company to remove it from your policy.
While selling a used car, both the buyer and the seller want to strike a profitable deal. It is a good idea to begin by quoting the price that you want for your car and give reasons in support of it. Try to put forward the distinctive and the positive features of your car. However, you should also be flexible and listen to the buyer’s offer.
Once you fully make up your mind to sell a used car, it the time to determine the right place to sell your car for a lucrative deal. Make an informed decision.